Who is Antoine Mikhtarian?

Hi everyone! I’m Antoine Mikhtarian

I’m a guitar player from France who makes music for my Youtube subscribers and my band MikhMakh. I’m also a guitar teacher and have taught this great instrument to students of every level  for the past 4 years.

I started playing guitar at 11 years old after failing miserably at violin and cello. After my first lesson I could already play (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction which made me feel like a Rockstar. That feeling and the help of Miguel Rivera (my teacher at the time) made me embrace the instrument. During my teenage years I had 2 bands with which I played a handful of shows. That’s how I found out that I loved performing live!
After successfully graduating from a disappointing College degree, I decided to persue a career in Music.

I’m currently the guitar player and singer of the band MikhMakh with which I’ve had the chance to open for Freak Kitchen and tour Eastern Europe in 2019. We’ve also released two albums : Groovy Wonderland (2018) and Sunrise (2021)

I also release plenty of cool content as a Solo Artist for my Youtube channel on a weekly basis.

Since March 9th 2021, I very happily endorse Hotone Audio.

Meet Lisa

Lisa is my better half and has been so for almost 7 years.
She’s a very talented Paintress and Graphic Artist.
She loves music as much as I do. That’s why we sometimes perform together sharing screen time on my Youtube channel.
She’s been learning Bass guitar for a bit more than a tear and she’s a great singer.

Since we get along so well, we decided to start a company together : Super Nutty
We use Super Nutty as a platform for her creations and since she’s the one designing the merchandise for MikhMakh you’ll also find said merchandise on the same website.
If you like colourful and original designs or want to support us in this journey, check out the Super Nutty store!